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“Let me tell you a tale.”

“Oh, c’mon, is it gonna be another one of those poesy-addled, riddle-speak things you’re always tossin’ around?”

“No poesy. This time it’s cold, hard facts. Listen. It started long ago. So long ago, in fact, that nobody would even remember…”

“Then how come you’re tellin’ it now?”

“…that nobody would even remember, IF it weren’t for me.”

“So it’s your tale.”

“Aye, that it is. Now, if you’ll just keep your blutter-box sealed for a moment, you might even learn what it is.”

“G’on. I’m curious.”

“Good. There was this girl, see? She only felt alive when she was in contact with the Art. All other things were, well… dead. So, she decided that her whole life would be Art.”

“Sounds like someone I know.”

“It gets better. Now this girl, she didn’t quite know what the Art was, yet she definitely knew what it wasn’t. So she started to cut out everything that wasn’t the Art. Didn’t take long to do away with most of what we call life. At the end, the only thing remaining which was not of the Art, was her own body.”

“Huh. How would she make do without a body?”

“Exactly. Yet there it was, the question without answer. The body and its shadows, impeding her Art. Know what she did?”

“Kill herself.”

“A very valid choice, but no. She became a tale, body ‘n all.”

“A tale? But tales are words.”

“So words she became, and her body was the book. Her life was traded for narrative. Yet, although her Art was now unhindered by the ways of the flesh, she would have to obey the law of scripture.”

“I knew ye’d start with the fancy-talk one time or another! That was too simple to be one of your stories.”

“It is simple. What all that means is that she had to tell her tale to others if she were to live. ‘Cause a tale without telling is not a tale.”

“You’re sayin’ that what we are doing now… keeps her alive?”

“Pretty much. Yea.”

“Must be one hell of a life.”

“That it is. That it is, indeed.”